December 31, 1999

Building a Boat Using the Bourne Method

The purpose of this blog site is to take a look at my alternative method of boat design and building that I have used to produce both a 27 and a 40 foot yacht. These boats have been tested over a thirty year period and are both still in constant use.

This blog will be charting the complete build of a brand new boat using the tried and tested Bourne method.

The boat to be fully documented here is going to be a 19' motor vessel small enough to be containered anywhere in the world. The idea here is to give you the reader a full description of the ease with which you can produce a simple steel frame.The next step is to do the fit out, which becomes the easiest part of the build due to not having to conform with the outer mesh steel skeleton. With the interior complete, wired and plumbed expanded eurathane foam can be spayed from the outside on to the back of the interior expanding out through the mesh. The excess foam is sanded back to steel mesh, leaving the boat ready for Fibre-glassing. A vast variety of vessels can be built this way. This is the secret to the Bourne Method of Boat Building.

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For further information you can contact me through the comments section of the blog or email Peter Bourne at;

And remember as this is a blog that after the fully built boat pictures the posts will appear most recent first so for the starting shots of the build you will have to use the archive list on the right to start at the beginning. Thanks and enjoy reading.Iam also including pictures of a 32 foot cruising Yacht I have been comissioned to design. The new build will be having a swing centre-board. I have included a profile drawing with a fixed keel.